Laser Scribing

At Kronenberger Manufacturing, we have added Laser Sribing as part of our services. As a high end optical component manufacturer, many components require Laser Scribing as a final step for our customers that typically have been an outsourced step in the manufacturing process. Laser Scribing in house gives us the freedom to make precise holding fixtures for our Laser Scribe machine, and Laser Scribe parts as soon as they return from final plating which saves at least a week of production time.

We can also Laser Scribe finished components from customers who may have finished product from other sources, such as catalog items that need to be modified, which allows us to offer Laser Scribing as a stand alone service to anyone.

All of our customers rely on us to produce only the best quality parts, and that includes high quality Laser Scribing as well.  We use a top of the line Trumpf Laser that gives us complete control and allows us to produce  high quality Laser Scribing which all customers demand.

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