At Kronenberger Manufacturing, our milling techniques have proven to be a critical asset to all of our customers. It's these milling techniques that keep us competitive and ensure that tight tolerances are being met consistently. An import aspect of our milling techniques are our fixturing methods. We have over 40 years of fixturing experience which we have applied to our milling processes since before the CNC milling era.

Today we continue to take advantage of the CNC milling technology to create even better fixtures for milling projects that would ordinarily require more advanced milling machines. Our milling expertise has earned us a positive reputation with our customers who continue to utilize our milling services.

Our largest customers rely on us to produce optical helical cams that have only been successfully produced overseas but only in small quantities due to the tremendous amount of handwork required to fine tune completed parts. By incorporating our milling and turning expertise and knowledge of metal properties, we have been able to minimize the amount of handwork required and have been able to deliver much larger quantities of product to keep up with demands.

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